We provide residential & Nursing care to the elderly and frail. All accommodation, food and nursing care needs are provided, as well as interacting with residents to make sure they have what they need, when they need it and that there requests are met.

We provide,

 A communal day room for residents to sit, watch television, listen to music, chat and where all meals will be served.
 Private en-suite bedrooms for 4 individuals.
 All meals are provided with a different menu daily serving fresh home cooked meals.
 Entertainment for residents
 Wifi is in all rooms
 All doors are alarmed
 Daily snacks and drinks served at residents request 24 hours a day
 Fluid intake will be documented to make sure individuals remain hydrated
 All personal care will be given to residents when required
 Outing’s will be provided for residents

Activities that will be available to residents are reading, listening to music, gardening, bingo these are only a small example of activities available. Residents will be asked what they like to do and implemented at their request as I want this to feel like a home from home environment allowing them to freely do what they wish to do, providing it is safe for them to carry out the activity. Facilities include a lovely garden that residents will be able to sit out in, plant flowers and vegetables if they wish to do so in the summer months.
We take pride in the variety and quality of our home cooking. Special diets and personal preferences are catered for. Meals are prepared on the premises from fresh produce purchased locally. We are happy to provide meals for visitors, if reasonable notice is given. Charges may apply.
We provide a four weekly menu which is reviewed on a regular basis. Residents are welcome to suggest changes to the menu at any time. Residence will have a varied daily menu chosen by themselves. Encouragement will be given for residents that may have a poor fluid intake.
Equipment will be in place to support individuals needs, for example, hoist, walking aids, aids that support independent eating and drinking. Other equipment will be purchased when required if not already in place. There are 4 mobile telephones that residents are free to use for local calls (not long distance calls or mobiles), and they can take the telephone into their room if they want a private conversation. There is also assistance available for individuals if they need help in telephone calls, writing letters or paperwork.
All doors are alarmed to alert us that a resident may go out of their room through the french doors, if this happened they would not be able to get out of the garden as it is all enclosed.

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